Summer Skool


Summer Skool is off to a great start!  So many amazing folks, projects and fun. It's still not too late! 

what is summer skool?

In between freeskool* and summer camp, summer skool is a project-oriented, informal day-camp for teens and preteens. It takes place in Guilford, VT during the middle two weeks of August.

At camp, creative adults from all over the country come prepared to take on a project they've been wanting to do, but maybe haven't had the space, time or motivation to follow through on. Teens come and participate in these projects however they want. Alternately, the teens come up with their own projects or suggest collaborations with the adults. Last year, for example, Nic, 25, set aside his raft project to help Durin, 12, make a 5-foot tall, watermelon catapulting trebuchet.

There's also a lot of just hanging out, playing, and games, such as Magic the Gathering, Ultimate Samurai, and swimming.