Summer Skool


Here's where we
 need your help

We're good at being thrifty, but money just flies at every turn.  We're trying to raise $3,020, which seems like a lot of money to me, but turned out last year to be just enough.  A $100 or $200 donation sponsors a kid for one or two weeks, repectively. ANY amount  is helpful, though, and we'd be so grateful.

Here are links to our fundraising site and paypal


Last year each counselor got $100 for each week they attended.  We had 10 counselors, the majority of which stayed for the two weeks of the camp.  So we spent roughly $1800 on supplies for projects.  If possible we'd like to give them a little more this year, another $50 for each week. That would put us at $2300 or more. 

We need 6 large tarps to house our projects, and protect us from the weather.  Each tarp costs $25, so we'll need $150 plus $20 or so for rope and stakes.

Currently, Summer Skool own 3 usable tables & 5 chairs.  We would like to acquire 4 or more tabes to house our projects, plus 10 or so chairs.  Last year we got used tables for $15 a piece and were donated some chairs.  We estimate $70 for those.    

Summer Skool happens on the land we rent in southern Vermont.  There are no utilities, no water, no electricity, no toilet.  We use a generator to power anything requiring electricity, which ran about $50 in gas last year.  We rented a port-a-potty for $170.

And finally the three acres is all field and has to be mowed with a tractor, which we have our lovely neighbor do for $250.